Customer Reviews of FalconSails

Neil Farrow
I am more impressed with your sail the more I use it.
Patrick Forrester
Until I used these sails, I always felt as though no sail was as good as it can be. I am amazed how much more stable and confident I feel with this sail than my old twin masted (otherwise known as a V shaped) sail. It's the only compact sail available with a true air foil shape. I love the way the single mast rig allows me to turn upwind so easily.
Jeff Jones
I am amazed how those who use a Falcon Sail, are always up wind and faster than paddle sailors using the common V (or twin mast) shaped sails. This video really highlights the difference between Falcon and PA sails. It would be impossible for me to have followed you during those wind wave conditions with my PA sail. You clearly demonstrated how you can change directions easily without taking your hands off of the paddle. Wow!
Allen Krause
I love my Falcon Sail!
Karney Garretson
When I saw this sail rig next to what I have been using for years, I had to have one.
Scott Laman
You have given me great advice! When I opened the box and saw my new sail, I was speechless! Wow, you were not kidding! It looks absolutely beautiful. Awesome job!!!!! Everything you've done and sent me simply shouts quality and extreme attention to detail! I really appreciate the first rate customer service and personal commitment you have to your product and to me as a customer. Keep going that way and you will have life long customers and referrals from anyone you deal with.

When it was time to do some kayak sailing I got the hang of it pretty quickly. It was a lot of fun. It's nice how quickly the rig can be set up and taken down right on the water. Thanks for making such a great sail. It really worked well and held it's great shape very well. I tacked upwind for a couple hours, did some reaches, and a more relaxing downwind jaunt, and then back upwind again.
Martin Cooperman
Great Lakes paddle sailing expert. It was especially nice seeing your sail. It's an excellent design.
Robert Clark
The new sail is working great. I'm just learning but was able to sail upstream and downstream in a very slight breeze today. Thanks again.
Glen Wilson
Just wanted send you a picture of my sail. I just took it out today for the first time. It works great! I was amazed how easy it was to sail downwind and I was thrilled and amazed to be tacking upwind so easy too. My kayak is only 10 ft and it felt really stable. Great product!!
Scott Albertson
Been out at least 8 times on local lakes. The sail design and configuration is awesome.