Falcon Sails, LLC - Makers of the best Kayak Sail Kits you will ever find.

Falcon Sails makes kayak sailing kits that give a balance of simplicity, compactness, minimal weight and efficient sailing. Our focus is kayak sails that will not slow you down and still give impressive sailing performance. If you have a Falcon Sail kit on your kayak, it will not hinder you from doing your usual paddling activities. Falcon Sail kits can be rigged at the launch site in 30 seconds! When not sailing you can paddle like normal. When you are ready to sail, you can raise your sail in seconds, then go faster, and have more fun than ever. If you want to go to no sail mode, you can lower (without going to land) the sail in seconds, and paddle like normal.

Our sails are made of the best materials available and have an efficient air foil shape to provide maximum up wind potential. With a Falcon Sail, you have the potential to gain an advantage when paddle sailing up to 30 degrees* off straight up wind. They are as easy to handle as any kayak sail made. We provide paddlers who are looking for these features, the best lightweight sail kit that can be found.

Falcon Kayak sails provide a great balance of never slowing you down when not sailing as well as the ability to go faster than ever with efficient on demand sailing. Bottom line is you will have more fun than ever and become a better kayaker faster. The best part is our kits include everything you need to make your kayak 100% sail ready. They include a sail, mast, boom, lines, cleats, fasteners, and every other part you need to have a solid sail rig on your boat.

Out Standard Kit Includes:

  • Single Mast Rig with all hardware necessary for a stiff and proper rig. Our entire kit with sail weighs under 4lbs.
  • 7 patent pending technologies
  • 3.8oz Dacron Sail Cloth
  • Nearly infinite color combinations. The colors are amazing! Try designing one yourself
  • Standard Carbon Fiber Mast - It is lighter and stiffer than our nearest competition
  • Break down mast and boom that can easily fit inside any kayak. The longest piece is 28 inches.
  • Full size sail bag that makes your work at the launch site a snap.
  • Smart window design that gives great visibility.
  • Smart rig that allows you to install multiple sizes of sails for different conditions very easily.
  • Custom built sails to match your needs. Just call and talk with our sail maker to learn about the options.

We are confident our sails are the very best you will find. We want you to know about all the details. Click here to read detailed information about our sails and rigging. You will not find anything close to this anywhere but with Falcon Sails.