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Falcon Sail Expedition rigging on a Epic 18x Sport
Measure radius of deck for under deck reinforcement block and deck adapter block.
Reinforcement block matches

Okoume marine ply wood provides an ideal strength to weight ratio. In this case a epoxy impregnated properly sized block only weighs only 1.7 ounces. And does a great job of spreading out the load. Falcon Sails has blanks to give to customers that are doing a expedition rig install.  Just ask.


Here is the reinforcement block epoxied to the deck of the boat, with the Falcon Sail patent pending mast compression strut in place.  It swings out of the way in seconds for easy packing. It can also be completely removed and replaced in seconds if necessary.  You can also see the stainless stay line anchor points imbedded in thickened epoxy over fiberglass reinforcement.
Here you can see the mast stay line anchor points on the outside of the boat held in place with shock cords. The shock cords are handy just like the stock shock cords on the boat.  The anchor points are made out of polyester covered dyneema cord.

This is the Falcon Sail anodized aluminum deck plate for quick attachment of the mast.

Here is a close up of the Falcon Sail anodized deck plate for quick attachment of the mast.  You can see the teak adapter block between the deck of the boat and Falcon deck plate.
You can see the anchor point in use.  They are simplistic, solid and effective.
Here you can see the micro fairlead used for the sheet line. Its as small as it can be without being too small.

Here is a custom minicel foam seat that replaces the notoriously uncomfortable seat that comes stock with the Epic 18x and Epic 18x Sport.
Not only is it more comfortable, but is also highly more effective than the stock seat.

Here you can see the custom minicel seat and also the handy Nalgene bottle holder on the floor of the boat. You can use it to carry a drink or your vital tool kit.
Double sail tie down rigging for redundancy and neat folding of the sail.

Quality vinyl cut into the Falcon Sails copywrited trade mark

You can see the sail folded in the down position.
In this picture you can see the under deck bilge pump holder.

Highly secure harken forestay block attached by drilling thru bow.  Bow has been specially reinforced with mini Epoxy end pour.

Crisp new sail in tied down position.  A broken in sail will lay even flatter.

Sail tie downs in transport and sail up position.

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